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What are people saying about Morning Star Acres Relocation Program. See Below

This section here will be reserved for testimonies/referrals  from owners and from people who have delt with us for our relocation program.



My wife and I recently called upon Morning Star to find a new home for our mare(Landfair Anna) and we were very pleased with the service provided. Gisele Gariepy was the person we dealt with and she was most helpful in our achieving our goal of finding a good home for our mare.  We were impressed by the high level of professionalism shown by Ms. Gariepy throughout the process. For example: the promptness in electronic communication, the accuracy of information provided, and the ongoing efforts to match our horse with the right new owner were some key things that stood out for us. We will not hesitate to use this service again or to recommend it to others.

Charles Bowlin


Dear Giselle,
    Thank you so much for your assistance in finding a home for Tooles Terror. She has gone

with the wonderful girl you sent my way. I cannot thank you enough. I will miss her but now I have

room for the next one that needs to  be rehomed.

Your program is so allows  race horses that may have suffered an ungracious end

to  get a new purpose and live long healthy lives.

I rehome all of my Dads horses and your website makes it so much easier!
Again Thank you from the  bottom of my heart!
Shannon Toole


Hello there,

First of all, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for these horses.
It is truly a crime what the industry is doing…breeding and discarding these horses like garbage when their usefulness is done…with a scary and inhumane ending to their lives.Unfortunately I am not in the position of taking another horse in right now…but when this changes, I believe I'll be looking for a standardbred that needs a home.I love to trail ride and am interested in taking part in a "fox" hunt or two next year.  I'm thinking a standardbred might be happy doing that  : )

Take care…and all the best to you and your (very lucky) horses.


To all the people involved with Morning Star Acres,hats off to you all..You truly are angels to all of the horses that are blessed to come to your safe haven.Bless your hearts :)

Jodie Lynn Bacon




   To commence with I cannot thank you enough you’re  in finding the right horse for me. After retiring from the RCMP and looking at numerous horses over a long period of time I found your site. My family and I attended your place and you and your daughter Sophie Anne gave us excellent advice and a great riding demonstration. After placing us on a list you located Holly. She has to be the nicest horse, personality, training, behavour and all around pet. I have seen a lot of things in my career, thank God there is still people like yourself Gisele who help people find horses and horses find people. Keep up the good work. I would (and do) recommend your services to anyone looking for a great horse.

We wish you and your family all the best. 

Thanks so much,

The MacKenzie Family

Miramichi, NB


 I am writing on behalf of our family, to thank you for all your hard work and patience in placing Dads horses.
 You have made the changes, we unfortunately, had to make go MUCH easier. knowing that the horses had good, loving, homes to retire to has made this so much easier on Mom.
 Dad was a horseman, through and through, but the well being of an animal came ahead of financial gain. He would have been pleased that families that truely wanted a horse to love have given his a home.
 Once again Thank You, this could not have happened without you and your families support of your service.
 On behalf of Kilkerran Farm
  Barrie Ferguson


I just have to say this......My hat off to you for trying to relocate these horses;that if they didn't have people like you they would have a slim chance in finding great homes.......

I always see your adds and I realize just how hard you work to make this a go......

I board my horse in Moncton and there are 2 standardbreds that are there and I do beleive they got them from you.....The horses are Nona and Bryden....and let me tell you they are the 2 great horses to have in the barn.....They are both totally spoiled..>Everything they have is spanken new and they never go without.......The owners think they are a heaven sent.....I feel they see better days today then being on the track that is for sure.....

Well anyway; keep doing what you are doing...I wish there were more great horse people like yourself....

I hope people start to realize what they are doing to these horses by breeding so many just to get the faster few....and disposing of the rest like they are nothing whether they are retired or jusrt just yearlings....It is just so sad to see..........But you are making a difference....

Cheers !!!  Michelle ( Oakie)




Hi Gisele,

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all of your help in finding a home for Slim.

You obviously put a lot of effort into making sure that any horse you place goes to a good home and I certainly appreciated all of the updates that you sent my way.

I wish you continued success in your efforts and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who wants to find a good home for their horse.

Gary Beattie ( Fredericton)


After wanting a horse of my own for many, many years I was finally able to after finishing university. I had been looking around for a few months, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. One day I stumbled across a standardbred relocation program based out of New Brunswick that helps standardbreds find homes after their racing career is over so I thought I would look into it. After waiting patiently for awhile I finally got a call to go look at three mares in Truro. After meeting
them all, I knew without a doubt I wanted the quiet cuddly little 3 yo mare, No Harm Done (Nona). After getting Nona, Josh starting getting the horse bug! On Josh’s birthday a big gorgeous standardbred gelding, Brydone, was dropped off at my old boarding barn, his owner wanted to
retire him and needed to find him a home. It couldn’t have been more
perfect timing!
We have been spending the last few months letting them settle into their new lives and can’t wait for Shandi to get them started for us so we can spend many hours on the trails with them!

Josh, Katherine, Nona and Brydone


Once I had finally made my decision to find a semi retirement home for Chard, my 23 year old Standardbred, the hunt began, I had no idea that it would be so hard to find a suitable final home for my freind but believe me it was. You always hope to find a place that will be a home for him with someone who loves him and cares about him the way that you do for the rest of his life.

I was reluctant to put an advertisement about it since I had very specific criteria that I was looking for and did not want to have to screen the many callers that I thought would come so I decided to go by word of mouth and check the Atlantic Rider site which is how I found Morning Star Acres. Prior to this we had taken many weekend drives around the province to look at several locations none of which seemed to be quite right for my boy.

Once I had made contact with Giselle she went to work finding a home for Chard with me,  and as it so happened she thought he might even be a good fit at her home so my husband and I took a drive to her farm one weekend. We found her at home with her family and several of her adopted Standardbred horses, all of them seemed to be very happy and still had a job to do which
is exactly what I had been looking for, nothing fancy just a good home to continue his riding and get a good scratch often which is something he loved.

It turned out to be the perfect match for them, he was well suited
for her young son who had been looking for a quiet, no fuss horse which Chard is, and now having seen the many pictures that Giselle has sent to me I know I have made the right decision. I have been thankful to Giselle and her family ever since, she has taken the time to allow Chard to feel comfortable and safe as well as continued his training with her son and even entered them into a fun show, I could not have hoped for more.

Thank You Giselle!!

For those of you that have never experienced the charm, love and loyalty of
a Standardbred horse, you don't know what you are missing.

Alice McAulay: Saint-John NB (Chardonnel)


I could not have found a nicer home for Pirate. He really looks happy and healthy.Too bad there's not more people like you around, as we all know a lot of horses never have another chance after the track.Keep up the good work. !  Jill (Pirate's previous owner)


What a wonderful job you have done for these horses. Efficient and very prompt and professional. Helping the breed and being very available and efficient in relocations.Website looks excellent. A futrure of hope .....More beleiving people needed like the people of  Morning Star Acres ( Elsa)


My husband and I had been "thinking" of someday getting another "big" horse so we can trail ride together but we were not yet actively looking.  I happened  to browse across Morning Star Acres' website through a horse forum and started reading all about how (Gissy) Gisele and her daughter Sophie Anne had retrained retired Standardbreds.  Until I read about their experiences, I had mostly heard negative things about ex-racers, so I decided to send her an email to express how impressed I was with the work they had done with these horses.  We exchanged a couple of friendly emails, talking about our horses, etc. Next thing I knew, Gissy had a horse for us to inquire about, if we were interested, but had no pictures yet.  We arranged to go see the horse and invited Gissy and Sophie Anne to go with us and I was so very thankful that they did, as we knew absolutely nothing about Standardbreds or what questions to ask.

We arrived at the barn to meet the most beautiful Standardbred mare I've ever seen.  We were introduced to Room Full Of Roses (aka Rosie).  There stood this gorgeous shiny bay horse with full pitch black mane and tail and bright clear eyes.  She was really a sight to behold and she was such a good girl.  After about five minutes, I had already decided I wanted this girl, but Gissy was busy discussing all the things we would not have known to ask about with her owner.  Then she proceeded to touch Rosie practically everywhere and lifted her feet, looked in her mouth. Some things we knew we should do, others we had no clue.  I took Rosie outside on a lead and walked her back to her stall. She was such a good girl.  Then I looked to Gissy for a sign and she just smiled and I knew this was going to be our horse. We arranged to pick her up that weekend.  We just let her be a horse for about two weeks to get used to our place and to her new pasture mate, Mac, the Appaloosa.  They hit it off from the very beginning.

After being home two weeks, Gissy and Sophie Anne graciously drove all the way to our place (about an hour) and started working with Rosie.  That first day, Sophie Anne (aka "Velcro Butt") had already got on rosie bareback, then with saddle.  Gissy did the ground work while Sophie Anne played "cowgirl" on Rosie's back.  Rosie was a very good girl.  They left me with some ground work "homework" and a promise for another visit.  Their second visit yielded even more progress, a bit of trotting and some backing up.  Rosie was catching on quite fast.  By the third visit, I was mounting her myself and working her on the ground. 

I have to say that without Gissy and Sophie Anne, first of all, we would have never found this beautiful mare.  Secondly, I would have never had the courage to mount Rosie on my own.  They showed us how these retired racers are already "trained" to a great extent.  The only thing is they've never had a rider on their back.  Gissy and Sophie Anne are great at what they do and get the response from the horse without using force. They are direct and concise yet kind in their request and Rosie responds very positively every time.  I have worked her by myself several times since their last visit and feel quite confident mounting her by myself.  I could never have gotten this far without the help of Gissy and Sophie Anne and I am hoping to take Rosie to their farm for trail ride training in the spring.

I am so thankful for the work they do and wish them all the best with their career in STB training and re-homing.

Susan and Roger Amos : Notre - Dame , NB


Life is just too short to let these beautiful horses go to waste.Gisele has and is doing a fabulous job by relocating,retraining these fabulous horses and she certainly knows how to do that as I had the chance to visit 2 summers in a row and what fabulous well trained horses she has. The perfect example of versatility and proof that STBS can be versatile horses.Her horses are so loving and her family very welcoming as well..Conitnue your good work Gisele and look forward to another visit very soon.....(Andra)


I acquired my STB gelding Frankie through Morning Star Acres. We were contacted as potential adoptees as Gisele got word that this gelding was heading for slaughter.We were anxious to meet the owners and to go over details of the horse.Once we visited him we fell in love with him and made arrangements to take him to his new forever home.Frankie is now enjoying beinf retrained to saddle and is a dream come true.



Morning Star Acres has been involved with Standardbreds since 1999 where we got our first retired STB gelding name Noble Trubador. He was a large big boned gelding who underwent surgery for hock repair due to a racing accident. He is also a strong survivor of EPM.His life was long lived at the track and his owners decided to retire him.He spent 1 year off and was pampered and lived a life of a king. We at that time were looking to adopt a STB to retrain to saddle to be used for pleasure riding and trails. We signed up through a provincial adoption association where we invited to go see him. His owners wanted the best home for him. We visited him and he was a gentlaman and very attentive boy.After our visit we received a call from the owners advising that they would love to give him to us as they pulled him from the adoption program and felt that he would do well with us. Knotty as everyone knew him came home with us and underwent saddle training after settling in that spring.He gave us many hours of pleasure and enjoyment for 4 years where he is now a young girls first horse in New Portland Maine. Knotty was our very first STB gelding and everyone loved him.

Knotty showed us that these horses deserve a better chance after the racetrack.

He is the reason we began our relocation program.